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Check your Mac's model

Although the iPhone App Store protects you by not allowing downloads with devices that don't support Bluetooth LE, the Mac App Store does not extend the same courtesy. It's possible that the Mac you're using does not support Bluetooth LE, which is required to run Scribe.

ON YOUR MAC: Click on the Apple icon on the top left, click on "About this Mac", then on "Learn More". Your Mac's make and model should appear on your screen. In order to support Bluetooth LE, your Mac has to be one of these models.

  • Macbook Air - 2011 or newer
  • Macbook Pro - 2012 or newer
  • iMac - Late 2012 or newer
  • Mac mini - 2011 or newer
  • Mac Pro - Late 2013 or newer

If your Mac does not support Bluetooth LE, we apologize for the inconvenience. You can get a refund by following the steps in our next scenario.

If your Mac does support Bluetooth LE, continue on to find the scenario that best fits your problem.


1) Enter Apple's Report a Problem tool

Don't worry, getting a refund isn't that hard. Just enter reportaproblem.apple.com, sign in with your Apple ID.

2) Report a problem with Scribe

Click on the "Apps" tab, and find "Scribe: Copy anything from your Mac to your iPhone", then click on "Report a Problem" on that row.

3) Select Reason

On the reason page, just state that the "Problem is not listed here", and copy this text: "Scribe runs on Bluetooth LE, which my Mac and/or iOS device does not support". Tap the "Submit" button, and your refund should come pretty quickly.


1) Restart Scribe on Mac

Bluetooth signals can sometimes be lost in the crowd. Quit Scribe from the top-right icon and open it again. Give it a minute to find its bearings, if there is still no change in the link device screen, Move to Step 2

2) Reset Bluetooth on your devices

iOS (7.0 and up): The swipe up menu has a Bluetooth icon. Press once to turn off Bluetooth, press again to turn it on. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn off/on from there

MAC: Click on the Bluetooth Icon on the top bar and select "Turn Bluetooth Off". Click again on the Icon and turn it back on.

Still no luck? Move on to Step 3

3) Restart your Mac (or its Bluetooth software)

The simple way to do this is to just restart your Mac. If you're not into that, you can also open your Activity Monitor, find the process called "blued", select it, and press Force Quit. That should restart your Bluetooth.

Still not working? Move on to Step 4.

4) Restart your iPhone

When the Bluetooth framework is faulty on the iPhone, the only way is to restart it.

Did none of these work? Really? Then you should probably send us an email.


1) Make sure you haven't erased Scribe from your iOS Dock

Apple's latest iOS version forbids apps from running in the background when they are erased from dock (which is accessed by double-tapping the home button). If you erase Scribe from your dock manually, you'll have to re-launch Scribe for your iOS device to be visible to your Mac again.

Still having trouble? Move to Step 2

2) Check that Bluetooth is turned on for your iOS device

Scribe uses Low Energy Bluetooth technology to link your devices. On your iOS device, Bluetooth settings can be accessed by the swipe-up menu (for iOS 7.0 and above) or through Settings > Bluetooth.

If it's already on, move to step 3.

3) Unlink devices on Mac and iOS

First unlink your Mac by clicking on the Scribe Icon on the top bar and then on "Unlink Device". Your iPhone should unlink automatically. If it doesn't, unlink on the iPhone app through the top-left menu and tapping on Unlink. Stay on the Link Device screen (on both your Mac and your iOS device) and wait for your devices to see each other again.

Waited too long? go to the Previous Scenario.